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New Product Release: Kundalini Yoga Class 1

Experienced Kundalini Yoga Teacher - Gail Pisani

Check out our latest release – Kundalini Yoga Class 1 by Kundalini yoga expert, Gail Pisani. This is the first class in a series by Gail.

The class contains two tracks – a Kundalini Yoga session and a guided Ananta meditation session.

Track 1 has rejuvenation Kundalini practices for energy and strength. It starts with a delightful seated meditation followed by an energising beginner kundalini yoga sequence. Shavasana to complete your perfect practice. This track runs for 40 minutes.

Track 2 is a guided Ananta Meditation which is sitting in stillness in with focus on the endless breath, allowing you to connect with your eternal nature. The quality of your eternal nature fostered in this Ananta Meditation is Santosa, which is contentment and deep peace. This guided practice to develop Ajna (third eye) and Mooladhara (root) chakras. This track runs for 22 minutes.

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