Chair Yoga – Introducing YOGA using a CHAIR!

Chair Yoga with James Bryan

Chair Yoga is a fun set of exercises you can do from the comfort of your own chair.

It is designed for all levels and circumstances:

  • in an office and needing an exercise program you can do at your desk.
  • with a group in a retirement village looking to maintain your active lifestyles.
  • in a wheelchair and wanting to do something by yourself.
  • recovering from an injury and wanting to increase your core stability and strength quickly.

In these classes you will learn gentle yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation methods, designed to develop physical fitness and clarity of mind.

James Bryan is a yoga teacher with over 30 years experience and designed two Chair Yoga series for you to choose from.

  • Level 1 Open is a series of classes that improves your strength, flexibility, stability and mental awareness – all the time you are sitting in a chair.
  • Level 2 Foundation takes these exercises deeper with a more energetic series of exercises that includes standing and balancing using the chair as support!

Recommended Approach: Repeat Level 1 Open until you are comfortable with the routines, then progress to Level 2 Foundation.

Chair Yoga Safety Information

Listen to the Live Yoga Life Chair Yoga Introductory Audio for guidelines on preparing for your practice.

audio recordingDownload Safety Information MP3 audio

adobe reader pdf imageDownload PDF Safety Information

For additional guidelines for your practice or for specific safety information on other styles or areas of yoga (such as Prenatal Yoga) check out our Safety Information page.