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Here’s what our customers are saying about our site and products:

“Was so pleased to find LYL back after the Christmas break. I practiced Ana Davis’s prenatal classes religiously in the final 12 weeks of my pregnancy. When our gorgeous little boy’s birth-day arrived I found myself breathing and moving into poses that I’d learnt in her classes. It was lovely to have something so relaxing to help me through the birth and I felt so much stronger and better prepared than my first pregnancy. Thanks Ana! Now six weeks later I can’t wait to explore the rest of your classes and get back my pre-baby body!”

Louise – Australia

I have practiced yoga for many years, and as I live in a rural community, I miss the opportunity to have a regular “real life” class. The download “classes” make it much easier to maintain my regular practice. I am sure that rural and regional people will be some of your best “customers”.

Jane – Australia

“I was very excited to find these (and other) audio downloads on your site. I have tried DVDs and reliance on memory to try to do home practice but to no avail. I think this is my best option yet! These classes have worked really well for me. I have passed the link to Live Yoga Life on to other yoga buddies. Thank you Live Yoga Life and best wishes!”

Pru – Melbourne, Australia

“As work has been so busy lately I haven’t had a chance to go to my usual yoga class. So I tried both Mark O’Brien and Sarah Trestrail’s routines at home, and I have to say that they have been absolutely wonderful. I love doing yoga at home now, and it’s something I’m going to do as often as I can.”

Tom W – Sydney, Australia

“For a “newbie” like me, I appreciate the very thorough info your site provides. I have tried yoga sites that provided video classes. It is true that instead of me concentrating on my breathing and practice, I tend to look at the video and forget about my breathing, and going with the flow of the practice. Awesome site!”

Kareena D – Los Angeles, USA

“What a lovely follow up LYL! I am really enjoying all of Jane Thomas’ 20-minute practices. The 20min yoga practices are great as I can just do a little bit in the morning and feel so much more energised for doing so! Thanks for the follow-up!”

Catherine – Sydney, Australia

“Just downloaded the Jivamukti program with no worries. I think this site is a fantastic idea and a great resource – I have been telling lots of people about it! I will keep passing on the good news!”

Caroline – Sydney, Australia

“I found John Norris’ Iyengar Yoga Foundation class really good…and looking forward to others from him. I find your website very interesting and great to explore other yoga styles! It’s a great resource and easy to navigate..thanks for putting me on to it.”

Deb – Singapore

“I’ve used Yuki’s Ashtanga class in my morning practice. Yuki has a great, calm, relaxed voice. He reinforces non competitiveness and striving and he really makes you feel okay to practice at your own level even though it’s Ashtanga. I think this class is excellent. Improvements – Can’t think of any!”

Athil – Sydney, Australia

“Absolutely love the layout and colours of your site. It’s very informative. Lots of good info, articles and details on the different styles of yoga!”

Anita – Brisbane, Australia

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