• The Art of Adjustment (eBook + Audios)

    The Art of Adjustment (eBook + Audios)

    A teacher of teachers, Eve Grzybowski's ebook with extensive audio tutorials on Yoga Adjustments is an essential companion for every yoga teacher and teacher-trainee. The audio tutorials accompany full-colour photo illustrations of the asana and adjustment.

  • Teach Yourself Yoga (eBook + Audios)

    Teach Yourself Yoga (eBook + Audios)

    This classic book by Eve Grzybowski released in 2003, now comes to you as a digital book with new accompanying MP3 Audio Tracks by Eve. Presenting over 30 yoga poses in detail, this eBook takes into account individual ability levels and health issues. Providing a comprehensive 12-week program, included are chapters on motivation, breathing techniques, getting started, and how to cope with stress in your daily life.

  • Yoga Home Practice for Pregnancy (eBook)

    Yoga Home Practice for Pregnancy (eBook)

    A power-pocket, this eBook has compiled short practices, notes and handy tips essential for pregnancy. Enjoy several different short yoga practices from co-authors, Ana Davis and Eve Grzybowski - offering fitness, relaxation, and even alternative relief to suit different stage, sensations, and energy-levels throughout your pregnancy.

  • The Yoga of Birth (eBook) by Katie Manitsas

    The Yoga of Birth (eBook) by Katie Manitsas

    The must read new book for mums and mums to be everywhere! Renowned yoga teacher Katie Manitsas has always been a trail blazer and she brings a lifetime of creativity and insights to her new book ‘The Yoga of Birth’ which details how the ancient practices of yoga can help women during and after child birth.

  • Yoga Off The Mat (eBook edition)

    Yoga Off The Mat (eBook edition)

    We often hear and learn that yoga is about far more than stretching your physical body or staying fit. How can we take the values we wish to cultivate in our lives and put them into action? How can we live ethical, integrity filled lives amidst the current culture which values materiality over the goal of happiness through inner transformation? AVAILABLE in EBook (downloadable PDF from our site) from yoga teacher and renowned author of "Spiritual Survival and the City", Katie Manitsas

  • Yoga Practice Notes (eBook)

    Yoga Practice Notes (eBook)

    Classes and home practice are interdependent. The former provides the knowledge, the latter provides the experience. Each supports the other. Establishing an adequate balance between the two is the key to achieving a fulfilling relationship with your yoga. Enjoy notes and posture diagrams showing a variety of sequences designed for Beginners, progressing through to Intermediate, from experienced yoga teacher Eve Grzybowski.