Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar Yoga Routines

For a style of yoga with a deep emphasis on postural alignment and steady refinement in your practice, go no further than Iyengar Yoga! Iyengar yoga places great importance on postural alignment. Poses are held for longer than most other styles, which means you can really focus on stretching and relaxing those tight muscles!

Iyengar yoga is also known for its use of props, such as cushions, bolsters and blocks, which help to customise postures for different body types and injuries, and enable you to go deeper into each stretch.

Iyengar Yoga Classes

To practice Iyengar yoga, you will need a yoga mat, a strap, a bolster, a chair, 2-4 blankets and wall-space. If you don’t have yoga props like bolsters and blocks, you can improvise by being creative – substitute a yoga bolster with a firm rolled-up blanket; or yoga blocks with a stack of books strapped together! If you want to really explore Iyengar Yoga consider getting your own props. For those based in Australia, we recommend ordering online with www.iyogaprops.com.au.

We recommended repeating each class as many times as you like, before moving on to the next class.

Iyengar Yoga Safety Information

Listen to the Live Yoga Life Introductory Audio for guidelines on preparing for your practice.

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For additional guidelines for your practice or for specific safety information on other styles or areas of yoga (such as Prenatal Yoga) check out our Safety Information page.