Yoga for Beginners

Beginners Yoga Routines

Ever been to a yoga class and felt like you needed more time or personal attention?

Or maybe you’ve been to a few classes, but want more guidance on your posture and alignment?

Our Beginners Routines are designed specifically for people with little to no yoga experience. They are a great way to prepare for your first class, or to keep your practice going between classes. Practise a routine a many times as you like before moving on to the next. Routines are yours to keep FOREVER!

Designed by some of Australia’s leading yoga teachers, each set of routines pays close attention to alignment and breathing. You will discover your preferred style in no time!

* Sarah’s gentle, fun routines are a wonderful introduction, with special emphasis dedicated to developing the basics at a pace that suits you. Each class explores a theme, from ahimsa (non-violence) and contentment to loving kindness and balance.
* Improve your breathing and body awareness in this first of a series fluid-moving classes from this brilliant and fun teacher – Mark O’Brien.
* Yuki Nakazawa takes you through 7 ashtanga yoga classes suitable for beginners with a reasonable level of fitness.
* Explore Kundalini Yoga with experienced teacher – Siri Gopal (Mandy Farmer).

With each class you get an MP3 audio routine and an A4 PDF Visual Guide that completely illustrates how to move in and out of each posture. All you need to start is lose comfortable clothing, a yoga mat and bare feet. Simply Print and Play! Have your PDF Visual Guide in front of you, and play the class through your MP3 or CD player!!

We suggest practising at least 40 minutes before a main meal.

If you want to find out more about starting Yoga and how it can benefit you, check out this article by Katie Manitsas – An Introduction to Yoga, or this classic audio-book by Eve Grzybowski, “Teach Yourself Yoga”.

Beginners Yoga Safety Information

Listen to the Live Yoga Life Introductory Audio for guidelines on preparing for your practice.

audio recordingDownload Safety Information MP3 audio

adobe reader pdf imageDownload PDF Safety Information

For additional guidelines for your practice or for specific safety information on other styles or areas of yoga (such as Prenatal Yoga) check out our Safety Information page.