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Supporting Charity: Yoga Off the Mat

Live Yoga Life supports you to “Be Who You Are”. We are keen to work with individuals or organisations towards making yoga accessible to as many people as possible.

Products under this section contribute to this purpose.

Yoga Class – Yoga in the Community

Supporting Charity: Yoga in the CommunityLive Yoga Life supports ‘Yoga in the Community’ (YITC). YITC is a non-profit organisation aimed at supporting the mental, physical and emotional well-being of at-risk groups within Australia using the techniques of yoga and meditation.

Yoga in the Community was founded by Sue White and Katie Spiers, who saw a growing need to make yoga accessible and affordable to individuals who would not usually have access to these teachings. For more information, visit

  • Yoga in the Community Routine – This is a 60-minute Open-Level Hatha Class led by Katie Manitsas. 50% of the proceeds to this class go to YITC. Support Yoga in the Community.

Book – Yoga Off The Mat

Live Yoga Life has published a new book – Yoga Off The Mat by Sydney Yoga teacher – Katie Manitsas.

Supporting Charity: Australian Rainforest Conversation Society5% of the profits from the sale of this book goes to The Australian Rainforest Conservation Society (ARCS), a national, non-government organisation founded in 1982. Its goal, through research, lobbying, public education and grass-roots support, is to protect, repair and restore the rainforests of Australia and maximise the protection of forest biodiversity. For more information on the ARCS, go to

Live Yoga Life Introductory Audio

Listen to the Live Yoga Life Introductory Audio for guidelines to prepare you for your practice.

audio recordingDownload Safety Information MP3 audio

adobe reader pdf imageDownload PDF Safety Information

For additional guidelines for your practice or for specific safety information on other styles or areas of yoga (such as Prenatal Yoga) check out our Safety Information page.