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Living life with courage

In 2005 I had the pleasure of attending a workshop that opened my eyes to how I could be living my life better. It posed the idea that if we are honest with ourselves, we may find that our lives are not turning out how we wanted them to. If this is the case – it went on to ask what exactly is getting in our way?

The course then used some simple examples to show that we think way too much and that this is what gets in the way. Basically we visual everything that can go wrong, and are not surprised when everything wrong does happen.

At this stage you may be thinking that the workshop would be a bad idea – all it would do is make me feel embarrassed or silly for not being in control of my life. Funnily I left the workshop feeling the exact opposite – that I had the tools to make significant improvements in how I lived my life.

After attending the course, I searched for blogs and articles to expand what I discovered at the workshop. One of the best articles I found was by Steve Pavlina and was title “the courage to live consciously”. If this topic interests you I would recommend reading it – click here.

PS. The workshop was called the isa Experience.


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