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New Product Release: Yoga Synergy Classes 1 to 4

Yoga Synergy Teacher - Simon Borg-Olivier

Check out our latest release – 4 Yoga Synergy Classes by Yoga Synergy teacher, Simon Borg-Olivier. These classes are part of the first series of Yoga Synergy classes.

Yoga Synergy Open Class 1: Introductory Practice. This class focuses on some basic standing postures, as well as wrist flexes & lateral stretches that work on lengthening & strengthening the body, and rejuvenating the spine. This class is designed as a warm up for the whole body and is suitable for people new to yoga. You can do this classes as a complete practice, or in combination with classes 2, 3 or 4.

Yoga Synergy Open Class 2: Grounding & Standing Postures. The 2nd of a series of open-level classes, this class focuses strengthening the legs, and developing your sense of groundedness. This is a more dynamic practice designed for experienced practitioners and ideally follows the warm-up segment from Open Class 1.

Yoga Synergy Open Class 3: Floor Postures. This is the third of a series of open-level classes that focuses on forward bends, back bends and core-strengthening. This class builds on work from Classes 1 & 2. This is a more dynamic practice designed for experienced practitioners, and ideally follows the warm-up segment in Open Class 1, and dynamic practice from Open Class 2.

Yoga Synergy Open Class 4: Gentle Practice. This is the fourth in a series of open-level classes designed to be suitable as a one-off exercise for beginners. It is also ideal as a cool down to complete a more dynamic and longer practice flowing from Classes 1, 2 & 3. This practice focuses on twists, gentle backbends, hip-openers, and breathing exercises.

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