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New Product Release: Tantra Yoga – Shakti Yoga Practice

Experienced Tantra Yoga Teacher - Gail Pisani

Check out our latest release – a Tantra Yoga Class for Shakti (feminine energy) by Tantra yoga expert, Gail Pisani.

For class is strictly for adults, and is designed to support your feminine energy (referred to as ‘Shakti’) in navigating intimate relationships, and enhancing your love and sex life.

Deepen your awareness of how Tantra Yoga can improve your relationships, both intimate and personal, and enhance your love life.

This is tantra yoga at its best, and you will be amazed at how Tantra Yoga can support you to create sacred intimate relationships.

Track 1 – Introducing to Tantric philosophy
Track 2 – Guides you through the physical practices
Track 3 – Instructions on how to use feminine / Shakti energy during love making

You may also be interested in the Gail’s Tantra Yoga Class for Shiva (masculine energy), or the complete set of both classes.

Live Yoga Life has a wide range of MP3 yoga classes, yoga ebooks and yoga books available for you to download:

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