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New Product Release: Sun Salutations Warm-ups Complete Set

Experienced Kundalini Yoga Teacher - Patty Kikos

Check out this new release – the complete set of 4 Sun Salutation Yoga Open Level Classes.

Getting ready for your day and want to get energised? Or are you about to commence your Kundalini Practice and want to get warmed-up?

Developed by experienced Kundalini and Hatha teacher Patty Kikos, these 4 short 20-minute routines are the perfect way to warm-up for your day ahead or your kundalini kriya.

Patty Kikos is a teacher trainer for Kundalini Yoga teacher training in Australia, and designed is open-level program for anyone who wants to energise their body at any time of their day.

Class 1: This class takes you through the several sets of sun salutations to energise and warm you up for your day ahead or before starting a Kundalini Kriya (practice).

Class 2: This class covers the Sun Salutes with floor poses such as Cat and Cow Pose that energise the movement of breath in the body. It will also release tension in your back and shoulders.

Class 3: This class uses the energising sun salutations series together with lunge variations and twists to open up your hips and warm up your stomach muscles and meridians.

Class 4: This class uses the sun salutes to explore plank variations and low cobra pose. This short warm-up will give your energy a boost, getting you ready for your day ahead or for a full Kundalini practice.

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