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New Product Release: Postnatal Yoga Program Complete Set

Experienced Postnatal Yoga Teacher - Ana Davis

We have just released the complete set of 8 Post Natal Classes are your supportive companions. You get the complete set of 8 classes for the price of 7 classes!

Created by renowned Byron Bay teacher Ana Davis – she brings her highly-in-demand skill & expertise to you, wherever you are. No previous yoga experience required.

Classes comprise of 3 parts which you can mix-n-match between classes for the yoga workout you really need in the time you have available. Get a complete workout in under 30 minutes! It’s really easy!

Use these yoga classes as dedicated time to nurture yourself. Your health and wellbeing is crucial to the health and wellbeing of your baby (and family). Assist your body and mind to rejuvenate after the birth.

Each yoga class has three parts:
(1) Centering
(2) Routine
(3) Relaxation.

You can choose to only do the routine and relaxation from any of the classes (each class has a theme or focus area) or just the centering and routine – all depends on how much time you have. The best bit is you can get a well-rounded workout in 30-40 minutes.

Special note: It is generally safe for you to commence practising yoga 6 weeks after giving birth. This will of course depend on your personal circumstances. We strongly recommend that you consult your medical practitioner before commencing yoga to ensure you are ready.

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  1. Karsen says:

    I found just what I was needed, and it was entertaining!

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