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Chakra basics – The Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra - Ajna ChakraThe sixth Chakra, known as the Third Eye Chakra, is the place of the subtle body. This is the source of the conscious perceptions of your being, and the seat of your intellect, memory, will, and higher mental powers. In terms of the physical world, it is the command centre for your nervous system.

It is from this place that we first become aware of our own consciousness, and (slowly) build on our growing awareness that we create our own reality. The third eye Chakra is the place from which we manifest new realities or dissolve old ones.

The third eye Chakra ‘opens’ when you reach a certain level of inner consciousness, and from this place you will experience a deep understanding of the connectedness of all things, and see the unity that is everything.

When the third eye Chakra is functioning harmoniously, you will be open to the possibility (which steadily becomes the reality) that the world as you know it is merely a reflection of the spirit within each of us.

As you enter the more advanced levels, you will experience a level of consciousness where the material world is a direct reflection of the subtle level of being. You realise you can consciously control these forces and create what you want. You may also find that your inner eye opens the gates to the multitude of other dimensions that exist between the physical world and the pure level of being.

When the third eye Chakra is not functioning harmoniously, you most commonly experience an over emphasis of the mental sphere. This can be seen through a belief that life is a puzzle that can be solved through reason and intellect alone. The problem is that you only allow yourself from this perspective to perceive those things that your rational mind can accept (i.e. your physical reality).

Another aspect of this disharmony is where you use your mental capabilities to influence those around you often for your own selfish reasons. It is also common for people in this situation to be unaware of the serious consequences of their actions because of the high level of self-denial. When this happens, it is typical for other Chakras to also be out of alignment like the solar plexus and heart Chakras.

Where energy from the third eye Chakra is out-of-alignment and base Chakras is blocked, it is possible for you to lose your perception as to what is reality and go into a fear-based dysfunctional process of control. This fear-based reality is often created during childhood and manifests in adulthood as a need to control yourself and others around you in order to get feel ‘real’ and get validation (often through gaslighting those around you).

As the blockage worsens, it can lead you to believe that the reality created by your mind is the only truth, and that actual reality is a lie. Ultimately this will result in you losing touch with reality and your sanity. However the ‘sanity’ you are losing is one that was ultimately based on lies, so in effect you are only losing the part of you that felt it had to control its ‘reality’ in order to survive.

From this point, you can become the phoenix – metaphoricly burning away the blockage cause by your wounding in childhood – rising from the ashes to create a new relationship with yourself based on your spirit and a healthy relationship with reality.

Name: Third Eye, Brow or Ajna Chakra
Location: Brow – just above the bridge of the nose
Purpose: Intuition, self-mastery
Colour: Indigo (also yellow and violet)
Sound: Aum
Element: None
Sense: All senses including extrasensory perception
Symbol: 2-petaled lotus

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