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Chakra basics – The Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra - Sahasrara ChakraThe seventh and last Chakra is where all of the Chakras unite. Though commonly associated with the colour violet, the crown Chakra radiates all of the colours of the rainbow, which highlights that it is the access point for the divine within you.

As we develop through the Chakras, our awareness increases and we steadily develop our true intuitive senses. Awareness gained through the seventh Chakra far outstrips that of the third eye Chakra – it removes all barriers and we see all of the world from a place of wholeness.

Since the crown Chakra is always functioning, the measure of how it is functioning is how open or closed it is.

An open crown Chakra allows you to experience moments where there is no division between your inner world and your outer reality. You will be completely calm and at peace with yourself. You will clearly see your ‘path’ and be joyous in taking the next action step along it. Your ego has been transformed from a limited sense of self, based on your wounded ego, into the unlimited sense of the spiritually-mature ego.

This transformation will allow you to see that everything is an extension of the divine consciousness. From this perspective, you will become aware that your world is merely a construct that you have created through your mind by all of your definitions and assumptions about the events that you have experienced. You will know what is referred to as the greatest emptiness – the realisation that you just made it all up and the world around you merely ‘is’.

At the same time you will receive its opposite – the greatest abundance. The realisation that you can create whatever your heart desires by being in the flow of life in its purest state – pure divine bliss.

Where the crown Chakra is not open, there is a feeling of separatedness and being out-of-balance with your inner self and the world around you. You will experience fear to some degree, and this will block the energies within all of the Chakras.

Where you do not allow yourself to receive the truths about your true spirital, divine nature, your crown Chakra cannot open up and you will experience feelings of uncertainty and lack of any purpose. This can develop into feelings that life is senseless and there being no purpose in living. There can also be an increased fear of death. These feelings can lead you towards escaping into excessive activities or creating situations where you are needed that are inconsistent with your inner desires. Where these activities continue, they can lead to sickness and ill-health (e.g. cancer). If over time these messages to look inwards are ignored, you may find yourself accepting the superficiality of your constructed life, and limit your inner growth towards your spirital nature.

Name: Crown or Sahasrara Chakra
Location: Crown of the head
Purpose: Unity, bliss
Colour: Violet
Sound: Hangsah
Element: None applicable
Sense: None applicable
Symbol: 1000-petaled lotus
Associated parts of body: Cerebrum

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