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The Benefits of Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga with James Bryan

Chair Yoga is a fun set of exercises, loosely based on yoga poses, that you can do from the comfort of your own chair. It is great for all levels and abilities. This includes:

  • in an office and needing an exercise program you can do at your desk.
  • with a group in a retirement village looking to maintain your active lifestyles.
  • in a wheelchair and wanting to do something by yourself.
  • recovering from an injury and wanting to increase your core stability and strength quickly.

The benefits of chair yoga are numerous:

  • improved fitness from the comfort of you own chair.
  • more energy.
  • improved flexibility and strength.
  • able to do the class in a group or by yourself.
  • improved breathing.
  • low impact exercise that you can do anywhere.
  • feeling more relaxed.

In these classes you will learn gentle yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation methods, designed to develop physical fitness and clarity of mind.

James Bryan is a yoga teacher with over 30 years experience and designed two Chair Yoga series for you to choose from.

For Open / Beginner / Foundation Level – Check out Chair Yoga Series of Classes. Exercise from the comfort of your own chair with experienced Cairns-based yoga teacher James Bryan. No yoga experience required.

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