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Samadhi Yoga Studio Sydney

Written by the staff at Live Yoga Life. This post is part of a series that showcases our favourite yoga studios.

Samadhi Yoga Studio is one of our favourite yoga studios in Sydney. It offer yoga classes in a range of styles suitable for all from beginners to advanced students. Whatever your style, you will find something to suit your needs at Samadhi.

Every time we go to Samadhi it feels like we never left. You see familar faces, the space is welcoming, and the classes are always fun. They offer the full spectrum from restorative yoga to dynamic vinyasa practice, and a wide range of workshops and events.

They also offer teacher training which has a good balance of theory and practical work. Highly recommended if you want to be teach yoga or just want to expand your yoga practice.

Newtown – Unit A, 76 Wilford Street, Newtown NSW 2042
Camperdown – 24 Lyons Rd, Camperdown NSW 2050

Samadhi Yoga Studio - Newtown Sydney

2 thoughts on “Samadhi Yoga Studio Sydney

  1. Ryan Dooley says:

    Hi I’m interested in learning Samadhi meditation I have been curious for a while about meditation now and somebody rev recommended Samadhi for me for the types of things I would like to work with personally. Do use have any courses or any information would be great thank you

    1. There are may different styles of meditation and a great many of them have “samadhi” as a focus point. Check out this page for a more information – about samadhi. The meditation practices on are all consistent with the goal of samadhi. It just depends on which person’s approach appeals to you most. Try each of the sample audios and see if any feel right for you.

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