Prenatal Yoga Program Class 1

Prenatal Yoga Program Class 1


Routine 1 – Foundation, Breath & Posture: This gentle sequence focuses on shoulder & spinal limbering, and postural awareness for pregnancy. Ana introduces you to the ‘classical prenatal poses’ and breath-work. It will provide you with a solid foundation for a yoga practice during your pregnancy, with particular emphasis on being connected to your breath, and stretching both sides of your body. The level of this class is gentle to medium.

Practising yoga during pregnancy supports you to be in the best possible shape for birth and beyond.

The benefits of prenatal yoga are on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Practice these holistic routines by Ana Davis regularly, to build your strength and stamina, maintain or develop your flexibility, and prepare you for the challenges of birth and motherhood.

Women who have practised yoga consistently during pregnancy have found there to be quicker muscle recovery from childbirth.

You will find that during your pregnancy, your prenatal yoga practice becomes your special ‘quiet’ time for you to connect with your baby.

The gentle stretching, breathing, relaxation and meditations techniques in this program promote feelings of deep calm and equanimity, alleviating stress and anxiety during this time of great change. No previous yoga experience required.

This is an open level class and is 67 minutes in length.

You will need the following equipment for these routines: a yoga mat, 2 folded blankets or cushions, 1 or preferably 2 bolsters (or thick blankets rolled up to the same shape and thickness), a belt or strap, 2 blocks (or a stack of books), and a steady chair.

PLEASE NOTE: This program is suitable for anyone in their second and third trimester. It is especially important that before commencing any yoga during your pregnancy please refer to the Pre-natal Introductory Audio for safety information.