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Brand New Website Launched!!!

Last weekend we launched our new website! And we are very excited 🙂

The main changes are a completely new design and layout, a new navigation, and shopping cart process. Overall it is a fairly substantial overhaul and upgrade of the previous site.

We have moved to using a tailored shopping cart software called FoxyShop together with dedicated payment processor FoxyCart. It has been a pleasure working with their beautiful software to create our new website.

We hope you enjoy the new experience! If you encounter any problems using the new site (we expect to have to iron out some bugs as we go) or want to let us know your feedback, please use the green contact form (click on the floating green tab on the right hand side) or go to our contact page.

Enjoy and Namaste!

The Team at

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New Book Release: The Yoga of Birth (eBook) by Katie Spiers

Jivamukti Yoga Teacher - Katie Spiers

The must read new book for mums and mums to be everywhere! Renowned yoga teacher Katie Spiers has always been a trail blazer and she brings a lifetime of creativity and insights to her new book ‘The Yoga of Birth’ which details how the ancient practices of yoga can help women during and after child birth.

This book shows that yoga is as relevant and useful on the mat at a studio as it is during pregnancy and the early years of a child’s life.

As any parent knows having a child is an anxious time but nervous mums can find guidance in this book which deals with everything from staying healthy during pregnancy to information on food for infants.

Katie Spiers tackles subjects in the book that many others are afraid of and gives frank and honest advice on immunisation and diet.

Katie is uniquely placed to give advice and break new ground in applying yoga to child birth given her own experience raising two boys Christos and Ziggy while juggling a business and publishing career.

Stay tuned for news of the Book Launch in Sydney later this month.

Live Yoga Life has a wide range of MP3 yoga classes, yoga ebooks and yoga books available for you to download:

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New Product Release: Guided Meditation Class 2 – Healthy Habits

Experienced Meditation Teacher - Gail Pisani

Check out this new release – a Guided Meditation Class on Healthy Habits by experienced meditation and yoga teacher, Gail Pisani.

This guided meditation on Healthy Habits is designed as a supportive tool to allow you to bring your thoughts, word and actions into harmony with the activation of your total health and physical well being.

For your practice we recommended that you have a yoga mat & cushion to lie or sit on for your comfort, and a blanket to keep you warm.

Track 1 – Guided relaxation practice takes you through deep relaxation, supporting you to clear up your energy.

Track 2 – Guided visualisation practice works on harmonising the different aspects to your being towards your desired outcome, to have total health & well being.

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New Product Release: Ashtanga Yoga Beginners Complete Set

Experienced Ashtanga Yoga Teacher - Yuki Nakazawa

Check out this new release – the complete set of 7 Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga classes for Beginners.

This set of seven classes takes you through the fundamental postures and breath-work in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. It is a perfect for anyone wanting an easy introduction to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

That said, these set of classes are dynamic and require you to be physically fit. Previous yoga experience is ideal, but not essential. If you are a regular practitioner in yoga and you want to be introduced to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, this is the set of classes for you.

We recommend that you practise and familiarise yourself with each class as many times as you like, before moving on to the next class. All you need is a clean space and a yoga mat!

Class 1: The focus of this class is Sun Salutation A (Surya Namaskar A). This series of yoga poses is one of the most commonly practised in yoga, and this class is an excellent introduction for anyone who hasn’t practised this free-flowing form of yoga before.

Class 2: The focus of this class is Sun Salutation B (Surya Namaskar B). Sun Salutation A and B is one of the most commonly practised in yoga, and generally starts off an Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga class.

Class 3: This class combines Sun Salutation A & B with the first set of Standing Postures.

Class 4: This class adds to your knowledge of the Standing Postures in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, and continues on from the standing postures learned from class 3.

Class 5: This class introduces the final set of standing postures in this introduction to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga – introducing the final set of standing postures. These new poses focus on balance, arm-strength, and lunges.

Class 6: This class introduces you to the Seated postures in Ashtanga Yoga that work on your hamstrings and flexibility, as well as two gentle Back Bend poses – these work on building your core and back muscles as well as your flexibility in these areas.

Class 7: In this last classes, it integrates all the postures and techniques learned from classes 1 to 6, and introduces you to more of the seated postures. This included seated Twists which are beneficial for your digestion and energy-circulation around the abdominal region.

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Australian Yoga Journal

Vinyasa Hatha Yoga Teacher - Jane Thomas

Australian Yoga Journal is Australia’s premier magazine devoted to yoga and supporting you to live a healthy, balanced life.

We are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Australian Yoga Journal. In the audio CD accompanying their January 2011 edition, you get the opportunity to do two yoga classes by Hatha yoga teacher – Jane Thomas. It is a great pleasure to work with such an excellent publication to support its readers to practice high quality yoga in their homes.

We encourage you to support Australian Yoga Journal by subscribing to their magazine.

Jane Thomas also has a range of 20-minute yoga classes available for purchase:


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PRESS RELEASE: “Yoga Off the Mat” by Katie Spiers

New Yoga Book - Yoga off the Mat by Katie Spiers

Yoga Off the Mat Book Launch

Is yoga really more than stretching?

You may be able to tie yourself in knots, but does that really count as yoga? Perhaps not, at least according to Sydney-based author and yoga school director, Katie Spiers.

In her latest book, Yoga Off the Mat (published by Live Yoga Life, February 26), Manitsas conveys to the curious and the converted how to ensure their yoga practice is far more than simply stretching. The work is a follow up to her earlier book Spiritual Survival and the City (published by Hardie Grant as Katie Spiers).

Now that yoga has been embraced as a mainstream activity in Australia, Manitsas says it’s time practitioners realised the ancient practice is about far more than simply staying fit:

“Where yogic philosophy becomes really useful, and much more difficult to apply, is in everyday life – off the mat. Our everyday situations give us plenty of chances to apply this broader understanding of yoga; it can impact everything from how we relate to the planet through to our own self esteem,” she says.

As she explores how the full teachings of yoga, including its ethical and philosophical backgrounds, can help us Manitsas explains how yoga has much to offer the mind as a meditative art. It also helps us see ourselves in a more positive light:

“We may have grown up in a culture that tells us we can be whatever we want to be and a credit card can buy us anything we need, but this has left us embracing the message that who we are, how we see ourselves and how others see us is based on what we have and what we look like,” says Manitsas.

“Yoga teaches us that true self-confidence comes from within and that once we are grounded in knowing who we really are; a confidence will arise that is unshakable, regardless of our bank balance,” she says.

For those already practicing yoga ‘Yoga Off the Mat’ provides a valuable resource for learning more, particularly in the context of social ethics and ‘spiritual activation’. Newcomers to the practice will find Manitsas’ easy to read style offers a good starting point to the full yoga practice.

Author Katie Spiers (formerly Spiers) is Sydney-based Samadhi Yoga Studio Director and Certified Advanced Jivamukti Yoga teacher.

Available in both paperback and ebook (downloadable format) online through Paperback also available at

Media materials including images are available from and Media contact for interviews contact Monica Redondo via our Contact Form.

adobe reader pdf imagePDF – “YOGA OFF THE MAT” (Publication), February 2010 Press Release (PDF Version)

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