New Product Release: 20-Minute Yoga Complete Set

Vinyasa Hatha Yoga Teacher - Jane Thomas

Check out this new release – the complete set of 7 easy-to-do 20-minute classes. These classes are the most popular of our products, and now you can purchase them as a set at a discount price.

These classes are perfect for when you need some exercise, to pick-up your mood, increase your flexibility, loosen up some tension in your body, or just relax & rejuvenate. These varied set of classes led by beautiful teacher, Jane Thomas, is a brilliant set of classes to have on your iPod on-the-go!

Day Class 1 – Energising Sequence

Day Class 2 – Gentle Awakening

Day Class 3 – Centering

Day Class 4 – Balancing Sequence

Day Class 5 – Body Opening Sequence

Evening Class 1 – Calm & Centring

Evening Class 2 – Restorative

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New Product Release: Prenatal Yoga Program Complete Set

Experienced Prenatal Yoga Teacher - Ana Davis

We have just released the complete set of seven Prenatal Classes are your supportive companions. You get the complete set of 7 classes for the price of 6 classes!

Practice to any of these specially designed classes anytime & throughout the duration of your pregnancy. They cover the fundamentals of posture & breath-work, postures for birth-preparation, lateral stretches & hip-openers, energy-building, core & sacral stability for birth, plus 2 x restorative sessions for those tired days. Everything you need to support you in your pregnancy and beyond.

Created by renowned Byron Bay teacher Ana Davis – she brings her highly-in-demand skill & expertise to you, wherever you are. No previous yoga experience required.

PLEASE NOTE: This program is suitable for anyone in their second and third trimester. It is especially important that before commencing any yoga during your pregnancy please refer to the Pre-natal Introductory Audio for safety information.

For pregnancy: Check out Prenatal Yoga Program Complete Set (Classes 1 to 7). This is a complete program designed to support you in preparing for the birth of your child

For post-pregnancy recover: Check out Postnatal Yoga Program Complete Set (Classes 1 to 8) by experienced post natal yoga teacher Ana Davis. This set of classes will support you recover quickly and regain your strength. This period can be challenging, and these resources are designed to provide you with valuable emotional and mental stability.

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Discover a hidden gem in the Blue Mountains

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher - Paul Frechtling

After a trip to Europe & Scotland, my partner & I decided to move away from central Sydney in 2009 and explore living somewhere quieter & away from the buzz of the city. We decided to move to the Blue Mountains – an hour west of Sydney. Of course the interesting transition with moving from city to country was finding good yoga classes to replace the myriad of available intermediate classes we were so used to attending in Sydney.

Hence I began my search, and after trying out small short-term classes in community centres, I very soon realised that except for 2 exceptionally good Iyengar Yoga studios that capped the top and bottom end of the mountains, there was very little quality intermediate yoga in between. If they were available, there was hardly any marketing to indicate where they were & when classes were held. In true country-style, news travelled by word-of-mouth.

Being a teacher-practitioner who loves combining thorough Iyengar as well as strong Vinyasa in my weekly training, I was extremely pleased with the intensive & thorough attention to alignment the Iyengar training was providing, but was soon feeling quite desperate for a strong vinyasa class.

The first time I stepped into Paul Frechtling’s class, I knew I had stepped into the “real deal” as far as yoga classes are concerned. Classes in the Blue Mountains average 5-6 people in a class. Ten students in a class was a big class. Walking into Mid-Mountains (Lawson) Community Centre at 6pm on a Wednesday night, I was impressed to find 20-odd serious-looking yogis & yoginis getting ready for practice. What then ensued for 2 blissful hours was a mind-blowing 2 hours of the Primary Series (slightly modified Paul-Frechtling-style of course, as inevitably teachers do) with an inspiring room of yogis who could pretty much move effortlessly through every single “pretzel pose” imaginable! I was in yoga heaven, and from then on I was hooked! The next class I attended was in a small dance studio in an alley-way in Katoomba. I still remember Paul giving me directions and saying, “Just look for the pink door.” 🙂

Paul Frechtling teaches & runs retreats in Sydney’s Blue Mountains, as well as holding classes in Sydney CBD during the week. Paul has been practising Ashtanga Yoga for over 17 years & teaching for more than 14. He trained with the late Sri K Pattabhi Jois in Mysore India, and is a certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher. He teaches with care and understanding to slowly cultivate deeper awareness and encourage a daily practice. To read more about Paul check out his bio page.

We have since then, moved from the Blue Mountains and are now permanently settled in Canberra. Whilst staying in the mountains, Paul Frechtling gladly decided to participate in Live Yoga Life, recording one of his legendary class. I still continue to enjoy practising to this 2-hour intermediate class.


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Australian Yoga Journal

Vinyasa Hatha Yoga Teacher - Jane Thomas

Australian Yoga Journal is Australia’s premier magazine devoted to yoga and supporting you to live a healthy, balanced life.

We are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Australian Yoga Journal. In the audio CD accompanying their January 2011 edition, you get the opportunity to do two yoga classes by Hatha yoga teacher – Jane Thomas. It is a great pleasure to work with such an excellent publication to support its readers to practice high quality yoga in their homes.

We encourage you to support Australian Yoga Journal by subscribing to their magazine.

Jane Thomas also has a range of 20-minute yoga classes available for purchase:

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What is Tantra Yoga?

Experienced Tantra and Kundalini Yoga Teacher - Gail Pisani

Popular Tantra

Tantra is currently and popularly defined and interpreted as a method of sexual practices, and modern Tantra is often not associated with yoga practices at all. However, this is a very limited view of Tantra. The true essence of Tantra is a meta – philosophy , a universal meditative method of being… which integrates the small personal self living its daily life into the larger arena… of spiritual evolve-ment and enlightenment. This aspect of Tantra has been completely missed in the common limited misinterpretation of this ancient body of principles.

The Essence of Tantra Yoga

General Yoga practice, as we’ve generally come to understand it today, involves practising a series of postures, meditations and breathing exercises on your yoga mat. These practices are a part of Tantra, and perfect as preparation for Tantra Yoga. But Tantra yoga is more than this. Tantra yoga is the “mother of all yogas” – leading one to the higher universal principles of “living Yoga.” It is about yoga beyond being in a studio or on a mat – where every aspect of your life becomes yogic or tantric.

A Different Approach or Perspective

Living in yoga, in awareness, in tantra – is a state of being which embodies the feminine energy – known as Shakti. Shakti receives life and celebrates all the pleasures of life, including our sexuality, as a gift. This is in contrast to the current western approach – which is goal-oriented, where the practice of yoga on the mat is generally understood as the “way to” achieve better health, a better body, a better mind, a better spiritual state.

This goal-oriented approach today is predominantly Masculine, goal-driven energy. Tantra acknowledges a balance in both Masculine and Feminine Energy, and hence, introduces Feminine Energy – as a way of receiving life rather than doing life. The feminine receives and the masculines does

Tantra says, ‘Receive every moment as a gift’. Receive the breath, the food, the sounds; receive yourself; receive the gift of another. It is an ‘Allowing’ of Life.

How Does Sex Come into the Picture?

Tantra honours the Feminine and Masculine energy that exists in each person, in everything in the world, and the universe we live in. In sex, one partner embodies the feminine or shakti energy and the other embodies the masculine or shiva energy. Tantric lovemaking is a prolonged meditation in the pre-orgasmic state. It is a way of empowering and nurturing each other, rather than simply being a way of achieving orgasm.

Why the focus on Sex?

In the context of love-making as a meditative practice, one allows the sexual energy to be in continuous never-ending flow – and the partners nurture this eternal and ongoing flow of energy in each other. This is different from the common masculine, logical approach to sex where the couple directs the sexual energy to the achievement of an outcome, that is – an orgasm. So in the practice of tantric sex, the goal is not to orgasm.

There is no finish – the journey of being completely present and “with the other” is celebrated as an ongoing meditation. As a Holistic Practice Yogic practices on the mat, such as– meditation, yoga postures, and breathing – prepare each partner to be a pure vessel for the orgasmic energy – my physical body as strong, flexible and healthy as I can make it, my emotional body as joyful and light as I can make it and my mind as clear, open and receptive as I can make it for sacred love making. By bringing sexuality into our yoga practice, and sacred lovemaking into our relationships, we are moving closer to making our lives truly enlightened.

Live Yoga Life has a wide range of MP3 yoga classes, yoga ebooks and yoga books available for you to download:

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What is Vedanta?

Vedanta is a philosophy taught by the Vedas, the most ancient scriptures of India. Its basic teaching is that our real nature is divine. God is our innermost Self, an underlying reality that exists in every being. Religion is therefore a search for Self, a search for God within. We don’t need to be “saved”. At worst, we are unaware of our true nature.

“Children of Immortal Bliss, what a sweet, hopeful name. Allow me to call you, brethren by that sweet name, heirs of immortal bliss. The Hindu refuses to call you sinners. You are the children of God, holy and perfect beings. Sinners? It is a sin to call a person so. It is a standing libel on human nature. Come up, oh lions, and shake of the delusion that you are sheep! You are souls immortal, spirits free, blessed and eternal.”Swami Vivekananda

Is there such a thing as Right or Wrong Conduct?

All ethics are merely a means to the end of finding God within ourselves. “Right” action is action that brings us nearer to the knowledge of God (the God within us). “Wrong” action leads us away from that knowledge. Our ideas of “good” and “evil” are therefore only relative values and must not be used as an absolute standard by which we judge others. Each of us has our own problems and our own development – our own path to self-mastery. But the goal is the same for all.

“Find God (the divinity that is you). That is the only purpose of life.”Sri Ramakrishna

Live Yoga Life has a wide range of MP3 yoga classes, yoga ebooks and yoga books available for you to download:

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