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Chakra basics – The Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra - Anahata ChakraUnsurprisingly, the heart Chakra is the centre of the Chakra system. It is the middle Chakra and connects the three lower Chakras – physical, emotional and power – with the three upper spiritually focused Chakras. Reflecting the flexible element of air and the empathy that come from the sense of touch, the heart Chakra transforms the words and sounds you hear into feelings. It can also be a source of healing as represented by the colour green.

The heart Chakra ultimately seeks unconditional love which exists for its own sake and cannot be possessed, lost or taken. From this place, there is no separation or negativity – only loving acceptance of all that is.

When the heart Chakra is functioning harmoniously, you will radiate a zest for life, warmth, joy and compassion. Your life will be one where you give for the joy of giving and not expect anything in return. You feel safe and comfortable with what you create and put your heart into everything you do.

From the place of acceptance, you will be explicitly aware of the game of duality / separation that is being played around you. Instead of being drawn into the game and its continual cycles of suffering, you see the truth that you are connected to all beings – sentient and non-sentient – and ultimately to the source of all things – the Divine.

When the heart Chakra is not functioning harmoniously, this could manifest in many different ways. Underlying all of these patterns will be an inability to connect with feelings of love, gratitude, and compassion.

An example is where you are always there for other people and give yourself tirelessly to their causes without feeling any connection to your heart and its needs. You will constantly expected recognition and reassurance from others, and be secretly – or not so secretly – disappointed when you don’t receive the level of recognition you feel is warranted given your ‘sacrifices’. When you do have the opportunity to be genuinely involved, you shut yourself off from the world to avoid your heart being hurt.

Another example is where your heart Chakra is completely closed. Your actions will be cold, indifferent or heartless. You will see your world as being cold and uncaring, and life will seem pointless. You will shut yourself off from the world to such an extent that to actually feel something that seems ‘real’ to you requires strong external stimulation (e.g. physical pain or emotional suffering).

Name: Anahata or Heart Chakra
Location: Between the 4th and 5th thoracic vertebrae
Purpose: Love, compassion, empathy, devotion
Colour: Green (and also pink and gold)
Sound: Yam
Element: Air
Sense: Touch
Symbol: 12-petaled lotus
Associated parts of body: Heart, upper back, lungs

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