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Australian Yoga Journal – Get your FREE Yoga CD in November-December 2012 edition

Australian Yoga Journal - Prenatal Yoga with Ana Davis

Coincides never cease to amaze me. My focus for the past 9 months has been on my pregnancy – I had a beautiful baby girl (Alexandra Imogen) earlier this month. I thoroughly enjoyed practising prenatal yoga throughout my pregnancy, and highly recommend it to any pregnant woman after their first trimester. Preferrably, find an excellent teacher in your local area. This is a great way to meet other pregnant women and share experiences. When I was feeling really uncomfortable about something, it was good to find out that someone else was feeling the same way as me. (If you can’t make it to a class, check out our online pre-natal classes).

Just when I was due to give birth, Australian Yoga Journal magazine decided to put together an issue focusing on prenatal yoga — we are once again featured in their November 2012 (in news agents now) — the magazine includes a complimentary 65-minute Prentatal Yoga Class CD, led by one of’s most popular teachers, Ana Davis. Ana Davis is an international yoga teacher based in Byron Bay. She has been teaching for 16 years and is the director of Bliss Baby, which specializes in prenatal and postnatal yoga training. Ana is also a senior yoga teacher at the Byron Yoga Centre where she lectures on yoga for women’s health as part of their teacher training programs.

This 65-minute Prenatal Yoga Class is the 1st in a 7-set-series of classes. The 7-class-set has been designed to be accessible throughout the different stages of pregnancy. It covers the fundamentals of posture & breath-work, poses for birth-preparation, lateral stretches & hip-openers, energy-building, core & sacral stability for birth, and restorative sessions for those tired days. For more information, check out Ana’s complete series of classes here.

Ana also has an 8-class-set of 20-minute Postnatal classes for after you have given birth — excellent for regaining your fitness, stability and stamina.

Check out the complimentary class in this month’s issue of Australian Yoga Journal magazine, available at your local newsagent today!

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