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Yoga Teacher Podcasts

Yoga Teacher Podcasts
Yoga Teacher Podcasts is a hub of  featured interviews with revered Yoga teachers of our time. You can access the books they recommend music they love charities they support. The intention is to inspire your yoga journey through stories.

The creator and host of Yoga Teacher Podcasts is Bettina Mitchell. Her vision for this website is that it will:

* to establish a record of stories of revered yoga teachers making a significant contribution to yoga in our time, especially those who inspire our Australian yoga community.
* to explore what drew them to yoga and what keeps them in the service of yoga and their students.
* to satisfy students’ curiosity about how yoga has shaped these teachers lives, who their yoga teachers have been, and what inspires them.

It will include several teachers who have products on including Eve Grzybowski, Katie Spiers and James Bryan.

Join the community – on the Yoga Teacher Podcasts site you can suggest teachers to Bettina whom you would like to hear from, and even what questions to ask.

YTP has a mission, to speak to at least 108 yoga teachers who “make a considerable contribution to the yoga community and who enhance peoples lives with their knowledge, skills, wisdom and passion for yoga.”

So check out this amazing new resource, kick back and enjoy!

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One thought on “Yoga Teacher Podcasts

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