Live Yoga Life’s Vision

The purpose of Live Yoga Life is to support you to Be Who You Are.

LYL acknowledges the powerful creative being that lies inside each one of us. Wherever you are on your journey, this website offers the creative space and tools, together with a wide range of high-quality products, to support you to explore who you are.

Why Yoga?

The word ‘yoga’ comes from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’, which means ‘to join’ or ‘to unite’. When the different layers/dimensions of our being operate in unity, there is a powerful synergy. The practice of Yoga, in its many paths, assists in achieving this balance of all aspects of who we are – multi-dimensional beings.

At the heart of Live Yoga Life, is the fundamental truth that you are perfect and complete as you are, and that we are all in the journey of rediscovering this in our own way. Live Yoga Life provides avenues that serve these different inclinations.

For example, Yoga Home Practice offers high-quality yoga routines for those inclined towards physical fitness; while someone on the path of self-inquiry will find a myriad of avenues to explore their inner-world, through Meditation, Music, Community (Events), or Self-Mastery.

LYL is a collaborative effort – an online community/ a hub for personal growth, yoga, and spirituality. LYL started in 2007, and is gradually expanding into these different avenues.

These pathways are open for your community to explore! We invite you to contact us to collaborate or participate in expanding your online community.

The Vision

Live Yoga Life aims to provide the creative space and these tools through 5 pods:

1. Yoga Home Practice [Raja Yoga] – supports people to have a yoga home practice, and to explore and integrate yoga in their daily lives.

These downloadable MP3 yoga programs come with Visual Guides. These extend and complement the yoga experience you may already love in the classes you go to. It provides a comprehensive range of high quality routines from popular yoga teachers, embracing a wide range of yoga styles and emphasis, such as Vinyasa Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Jivamukti, Yin & Yang Yoga, Yoga Therapy, and Pre & Post-Natal Yoga). It also includes a resource of information on all aspects of yoga with an emphasis on yoga philosophy.

2. Meditation [Jnana Yoga] – to support people to understand and explore the benefits of meditation, and to have a home meditation practice. There are many different levels and styles of meditation, each with a different intention. Guided meditation programs from experienced teachers are a core element along with a wealth of written material on all aspects of meditation.

3. Music [Bhakti Yoga] – supports talented musicians to create music that resonates with the soul. It covers all aspects from relaxation, meditation, yoga, chanting, etc.

4. Self-Mastery [Jnana Yoga] – provides a wealth of information on higher-consciousness, spirituality and self-awareness. Also provides a forum for people to participate and exchange views.

5. Yoga Events Australia [Karma Yoga] – This is the ‘community’ pod that shows all yoga events happening across-the-board all yoga schools / sub-communities in Australia. It also houses charities or yoga causes supported by Live Yoga Life.