How It Started

Live Yoga Life (LYL) was founded by Monica Anderson in 2007.

After leaving her corporate legal career in 2006 to pursue her true passions in life, Monica had to adjust to working from home and not having access to the 5-day yoga practice she had in the city (Sydney CBD).

Loving her yoga and continuing her practice, Monica explored yoga DVDs, and found that although they provided good instruction, the medium simply did not capture the meditative quality that is so essential in a yoga practice.

Realising that all that was necessary to simulate this quality was to be guided by her teacher’s voices, Monica decided to conduct audio-recordings starting with her favourite teachers – Yuki Nakazawa (Ashtanga Yoga), Danielle Dolev (Hatha Yoga), Eve Grzybowski (Yoga Therapy), John Norris (Iyengar Yoga), Sarah Trestrail and Katie Spiers (Jivamukti Yoga).

The list of teachers grew from thereon. Experiencing the wonderful benefits from many different styles of yoga, and with the transformative benefits of yoga growing with encouraged home practice by most yoga teachers, Monica realised that this vehicle could be beneficial for other people – hence the beginnings of Live Yoga Life.

Monica is passionate about personal development, and the role yoga and meditation play in increasing the vibration of the collective consciousness. Live Yoga Life’s vision is to provide an avenue for tools that support people to be the creative beings they (you) are – “BE WHO YOU ARE”.

Monica is a certified yoga teacher, having taught classes in Sydney and the Blue Mountains. She runs yoga and meditation retreats, and private tutorial classes for teachers and practitioners.

Monica currently lives in Canberra with her husband and two daughters. She runs Canberra Yoga Space.

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